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Faster Digital Transformation

Unified People, Process, Technology Adoption.

Onboard users, rollout changes, enhance user productivity, improve performance, and business outcomes with contextual, interactive, real-time, and autonomous digital adoption with MyGuide.

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3.3x Faster Digital Transformation

Speed up adoption of your digital transformation investments with personalized in-app learning, self-serve support and frictionless change to make best practices your standard practice. Across web, mobile and desktop.


Easily onboard new users, rollout new processes or introduce new features.


Complete workflows and tasks to get work done efficiently.


Automate workflows, maintain focus on the tasks and reduce manual errors.


Empower skill building, test and certify digital skills in the flow of work.


Selfserve support and in-app help to get work done easily.


Find features, highlight functions and describe task requirements.


Cross application usage, operational and experiential analytics.


Train users before or without access to applications before go-live.


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Training Time

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App Adoption

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Support Costs

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App Adoption

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Transformational Impact

MyGuide provides transformational impact across the enterprise technology stack:

Application Software
Content Management Systems
Enterprise Resource Planning
Knowledge Management
Supply Chain Management
Business Intelligence
Customer Relationship Management
Enterprise Asset Management
Product Data management
Operational Risk Management
Business Process Management
Master Data Management
Human Resource Management
Product Data Management
Retail Software and many more

Evolutionary Products

Invest in your employee’s future with MyGuide Change Management

Enhance overall employee experience with seamless change across all your digital projects.

The AI-powered technology takes care of providing hyper-personalized frictionless notification, guidance, support training, and make data-driven decisions in a consistent manner.

Fast Forward Digital

We modernize your old and existing applications; rolling out features or processes; consolidating several tools into one flexible customizable system; standardizing best practices across your organization.

Digital Transformation has never been this easy and quick!

Spread Your Software Adoption Horizons with Performance Support System

Drive User-Efficiency by providing users with on the spot knowledge. With our guided navigation through each & every step of the work-flow, we ensure that users will be equipped to use the software in a better way.

Simple and Easy Pricing

We've got your back. We provide you with cutting-edge technology that will help you save time, money, and resources at the pace of your transformation.


MyGuide enables frictionless business change, a faster return on transformation initiatives, a quicker diffusion of innovation and a simpler process to adopt apps on Web, Mobile and Desktop.

Change Managers

Centralize and deploy continuous change , training, support, success and insight in one unified adoption platform with MyGuide.

Instructional Designer

Quickly and easily create content in seven content formats automatically, distribute and update across channels with MyGuide.

Transformation Leaders

Speed up transformational impact. Organize, operate, rollout and analyze transformational programs across web, mobile and desktop easily.

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